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Vertical Drilling Machine Price War Led To The Greater The Market Chaos

Feb 14, 2017

Vertical drilling machine market with the more chaos of the price war so that China's vertical drilling machine in the international market price balance was completely disrupted, vertical drilling market war chaos is mainly due to the vertical drilling machine market downturn caused by the domestic Manufacturing downturn in the background of vertical drilling machine sales there has been a lot of stagnation phenomenon and even vertical drilling machine stagnation, vertical drilling machine, the main user needs to reach the release of vertical drilling machine users lead to the enthusiasm of the procurement is not high, direct Leading to the sale of vertical drilling machine there is a big difficult situation in the domestic vertical drilling machine difficult times, vertical drilling machine manufacturers or vertical drilling agents are unable to resist the vertical drilling market downturn that market downturn , Vertical drilling machine not only the domestic export agents to lower prices to buy each other products, and even affect the foreign vertical drilling market agents have the interests of many foreign agents spend years of energy to develop the vertical drilling market by the domestic low price " In the late 1980s, even from the founding of the Chinese mainland has been doing vertical drilling agent export agent of the company can not afford the impact of domestic prices, had to abandon the export has been engaged in decades of vertical drilling agent To develop their own manufacturing industry.