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Vertical Drilling Machine For The Protection Of Product Characteristics To The Manufacturing Requirements

Feb 14, 2017

Vertical Drilling Machine, also known as the square pillar vertical drilling machine is the machine tool industry, vertical drilling industry since the founding of the planned economy and the eighties since the market economy changes in the development of the market has a vertical drilling machine in the industry itself Industry characteristics, vertical drilling machine It belongs to a complete machine tool equipment in the vertical drilling machine a complete machine tool manufacturing process is quite complex and cumbersome, in the vertical drilling machine production process due to the structure of vertical drilling And its own characteristics In the vertical drilling machine product structure and manufacturing process is more complex, vertical drilling parts and manufacturing process needs to be based on the characteristics of vertical drilling machine to develop a reasonable process, which fully illustrates the vertical drilling machine manufacturing process The requirements of the product is so harsh, in the vertical drilling machine parts because of the different parts of the location, so the meaning and role of different, different parts due to the different performance of their products and characteristics are completely different The production of drilling parts of the middle of the drilling machine parts manufacturing process required a wide range of machinery and equipment fixture; there are a wide range of production technology, both order-based production, inventory production, but also order production and order design production , But most of the current machine tool processing enterprises to order-based production; there is a very obvious point is mainly composed of electrical and mechanical parts of the two major parts of the electrical part of the purchase; mechanical parts of the parts by the Association, Outsourcing three models of income; workshop is generally divided into large processing workshop, machining small workshop and assembly workshop.