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The Emergence And Development Of CNC Machine Tools

Sep 13, 2017

The continuous development of science and technology, the mechanical product quality and productivity put forward higher and higher requirements. Automation of the machining process is one of the most important measures to achieve these requirements. It not only improve the quality of products, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, but also can greatly improve the working conditions of workers. Large quantities of automated production Widely used automatic machine tools, combined machine tools and special machine tools and dedicated automatic production lines, the implementation of multi-knife, multi-station multi-faceted processing at the same time to achieve high efficiency and high automation. But these are rigid automation, in the face of small batch production is not applicable, because small batch production needs to change the type of product, which requires the production line with flexibility. And to some extent, the emergence of CNC machine tools is to meet this requirement. In 1952, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology successfully developed a set of coordinate linkage, the use of pulse multiplier principle of the experimental numerical control system, and put it in a vertical milling machine. At that time with the electronic components of the tube, which is the first generation of the world's first CNC machine tools. China is from 1958 began to study CNC technology, until the mid-60s in the development, development period. At that time, a number of institutions of higher learning, scientific research units developed a test prototype, development is starting from the tube. In 1965 the domestic began to develop transistor CNC system. From the 70's, CNC technology in the car, milling, drilling, boring, grinding, gear processing, processing and other fields in full swing, CNC machining center in Shanghai, Beijing successfully developed. In this period, CNC WEDM due to the simple structure, easy to use, low prices, in the mold processing has been promoted. 80 years, China from the Japanese company that company introduced 5,7,3 series of CNC system and AC servo motor, AC spindle motor technology, as well as from the United States, Germany to introduce some new technologies. Which makes our CNC machine tools in the performance and quality of a qualitative leap. In 1985, China's CNC machine tools have a new development. 90 years and the next mainly to the development of high-end CNC machine tools.