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The Composition Of CNC Machine Tools

Sep 11, 2017

1, the program medium

According to the geometric and process requirements of the parts, determine the process and process parameters of the parts processing, and then compiles the CNC machining program according to the specified code and format. The preparation of the program can be done manually, or you can use the computer to automatically program the system to complete. More advanced CNC machine tools, can be programmed directly on its CNC device. Compiled NC program, stored in a convenient input to the numerical control device on a storage medium, known as the program medium, can be perforated tape, tape, disk and so on.

 2, input and output devices

Input and output devices are mainly used for the preparation, storage, printing and display of parts NC programs. Simple input and output devices include only the keyboard and light-emitting diode display. General input and output devices in addition to man-machine dialogue programming keyboard and CRT, but also including tape, tape and disk input machine, punching machine. Advanced CNC systems also use automatic programming machines or CAD / CAM systems.

 3, numerical control device

CNC device is the core of CNC machine tools. It is based on the input of the program and data, through the numerical control device system software or logic circuit for compilation, operation and logic processing, the output of various signals and instructions.

4, servo drive system, position detection device and auxiliary control device Servo drive system consists of servo drive circuit and servo drive device, and the implementation of the machine parts and mechanical transmission components of the NC machine tool feed system. It controls the feed speed, direction and displacement of the actuator based on the speed and displacement commands issued by the CNC. Each feed movement of the implementation of parts, are equipped with a set of servo drive system. The servo drive system consists of open loop, semi-closed loop and closed loop. In the semi-closed-loop and closed-loop servo drive system, the actual position of the actuator is measured indirectly or directly by the position detection device. Compared with the command displacement, the error control is amplified by the closed-loop principle. To exercise.

  5, the mechanical parts of the machine

The mechanical parts of the CNC machine tool include the main moving parts, the feed movement actuators such as the table, the carriage and its transmission parts and the bed pillars and other supporting parts, as well as cooling, lubrication, indexing and clamping and other auxiliary devices. For the machining center lathe, there are tools to store the tool magazine, exchange tool and other parts of the robot.