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Selection Of CNC Drilling Machine And Milling Machine

Sep 09, 2017

CNC drilling machine and CNC milling machine is an important equipment in circuit board processing, the equipment is expensive, the choice of CNC machine tools not only for operation, process setting and maintenance, including the quality of products for production are very important. As a technical staff for pure technical and operational considerations, the selection of CNC machine tools generally from the following aspects: 1. Machine table rigidity and stability: In order to make the machine has sufficient stability, rigidity to avoid vibration Many manufacturers Are used as a bed of marble materials, some Japanese manufacturers to use steel to do the bed, because the steel at different temperatures than the marble deformation, instability, manufacturers will use the compensation in the software to eliminate the deformation caused by the loss of accuracy The At present, most manufacturers are using natural marble or artificial marble as a bed, the proposed use of marble bed equipment, marble in the usual maintenance of the use of detergent and water scrub, not available alcohol. After wiping dry with a dry cloth, and other water can be completely volatile before work.