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Longmen Mobile CNC Drilling Machine What Are The Characteristics

Jul 19, 2017

1. It is the drilling machine itself, it is composed of three sections, divided into left, middle and right, there is a section between the section of the connection, which are in the form of steel, after the professional and technical personnel after the heat treatment Its own internal stress. The biggest feature is the toughness of the special strong. In the face of the installation of 28 support the panel, there is a T-shaped slot, so it is conducive to the workpiece clamping the workshop. Gantry mobile CNC drilling machine table to withstand the weight of the maximum weight is 45 tons. Because on its two sides have two very long rails and ball screw, which increased its flexibility and fast mobility, itself is used in the servo motor, which greatly increased the drilling Positioning and continuous positioning accuracy. In order to quickly adjust the level of drilling bed height, in its bottom also installed a lot of adjustable bolts.



2, mobile gantry, gantry welded steel structure, the artificial aging heat treatment to remove the internal stress after processing, dynamic and static with a good, no deformation. In front of the gantry installed two ultra-high bearing capacity of the rolling linear guide. And installed in the top of a set of precision ball screw and a servo motor, so that the power head skateboard for the y-axis direction. A drill power head is mounted on each power head slide. The movement of the gantry is achieved by the rotation of the ball screw on the ball screw by the servomotor.