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CNC Machine Tools Compared With The Traditional Machine, With Some Of The Features (b)

Aug 04, 2017

1, high productivity

CNC machine tools can effectively reduce the parts of the processing time and auxiliary time, CNC machine tool spindle speed

And the range of feeds is large, allowing the machine to perform large cutting with a large amount of cutting. CNC machine tools are entering the era of high-speed machining, CNC machine tools moving parts of the rapid movement and positioning and high-speed machining, greatly improving the productivity. In addition, with the processing center of the magazine with the use of a machine can be achieved in a multi-channel continuous processing, reducing the semi-finished products between the working time and improve productivity.


2, to improve the working conditions

CNC machine tool is processed before the adjustment, enter the program and start, the machine will be able to automatically and continuously processing, until the end of processing. The operator to do is only the program input, editing, parts handling, tool preparation, processing status observation, parts inspection work, labor intensity is reduced, the machine operator's labor tends to work intelligence. In addition, the machine is generally combined, both clean and safe.

3, the use of modern production management

It is easy to realize the standardization of processing information and has been combined with computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) organically, which can be used to calculate the machining information, Is the basis of modern integrated manufacturing technology.