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CNC Machine Tools Compared With The Traditional Machine, Has The Characteristics (a)

Jul 29, 2017

1, with a high degree of flexibility

Machining a part on a CNC machine depends primarily on the machining program, which is different from the conventional machine

Manufacture, replace many molds, fixtures, do not often need to re-adjust the machine. Therefore, the CNC machine tools for the frequent replacement of the parts of the occasion, that is suitable for single, small batch production and new product development, thus shortening the production preparation cycle, saving a lot of process equipment costs.


2, high precision machining

CNC machine tool processing accuracy is generally up to 0.05-0.1MM, CNC machine tools are controlled in the form of digital signals, numerical control device for each output a pulse signal, the machine moving parts to move a pulse equivalent (usually 0.001MM), and machine into The average gap between the reverse gap and the screw pitch of the drive chain can be compensated by the numerical control device. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the CNC machine is relatively high.

3, processing quality is stable and reliable

Processing the same batch of parts, in the same machine, under the same processing conditions, the use of the same tool and processing procedures, the tool path is exactly the same knife, the consistency of the parts, quality and stability.