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CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine How Maintenance It!

Aug 28, 2017

First, the machine must be carefully maintained, requiring regular check plug and terminal whether the loose. When the circuit board and connectors should be first power off the machine, not allowed to live operation; prohibited to touch the electrical parts with wet hands; CNC system and servo circuit board removed, should be placed in the anti-static bag to prevent Electrostatic damage caused by electronic components. Second, the hydraulic system contains a number of solenoid valves, one-way valve, electromagnetic relief valve and unloading valve to ensure the stable operation of the system. Regular maintenance, can increase system reliability, reduce failure rate, extend the service life of the system and the whole machine. Third, clean the bed of dust, pollutants and so on. Fourth, check the oil level of the fuel tank is up to the benchmark oil level, check the connection pipe fittings, connector valve plate connection interface whether there is oil leakage phenomenon. 5, check the lubrication of the lubrication parts, and timely add grease. 6, check the pressure is normal; check the connector and the terminal whether the loose phenomenon; visual machine wear and abnormal situation. 7, check the hydraulic components, pipe connections for leaks. 8, check the various parts of the fastening bolts, screws, flanges, fittings and other connections are solid, solenoid valve plug is tightened.