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CNC Drilling Machine Operating Procedures

Jul 25, 2017

1. Before work, check the grid voltage, pump, lubrication, oil is normal, check the pressure, cooling, tubing, tools, tooling fixture is intact, and make regular machine maintenance work.

2. After the machine is powered on, start the mechanical return to zero operation, and then try to run for 5 minutes to confirm that the machine, tool, fixture, workpiece, numerical control parameters such as correct, can only start normal work.

3. Seriously check the program preparation, parameter setting, action sorting, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other links are completely correct, so as to avoid recycling caused by accident, damage to the tool and related parts. In strict accordance with the operation process to test the knife, after the completion of debugging to do the program protection work.

4. Automatic cycle processing, should be closed to protect the sliding door, in the spindle rotation while the need for manual operation, be sure to make their body and clothing away from the rotating and moving parts, so as not to bring clothing into the accident.


5. Spindle or turret knife knife loading operation must be in the state of mechanical movement to stop, and pay attention to cooperation with the staff, so as to avoid accidents. In the manual tool change or automatic tool change, pay attention to the turret, knife, mechanical arm rotation and the installation of the location of the tool, the body and the head away from the rotation of the tool to avoid bruises. On the machining center machine, but also should pay attention to check the knife magazine number and tool number between the corresponding relationship to prevent the knife knife knife confusion caused by tool change or processing collision accident.


6. When the workpiece clamp to clamp, so as not to cause the workpiece fly out of the accident, after the completion of clamping, pay attention to the chuck wrench and other adjustment tools removed to avoid the spindle rotation after throwing the accident.

7. Machine operator should be able to handle general alarm failure, if a serious failure, should quickly power off and protect the scene, timely reporting, and make a record.

8. After the work is completed, the machine guide rail, workstations should be wiped clean, and carefully fill in the work log.