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CNC Drilling Machine Characteristics

Aug 17, 2017

1: The coordinate movement are driven by servo motor, easy to operate, flexible, accurate and stable.

2: The basic layout is: the slide in the bed full length through the movement, unilateral open, simple and convenient structure, easy to install the workpiece up and down after work and clean, easy maintenance, small footprint, suitable for long parts Processing and production.

3: the column on the slide and the common radial drilling machine using a cylindrical column, the rocker can be up and down to facilitate the processing of different height of the workpiece.

4: spindle 16 speed, cutting torque to expand several times, for the Mohs cone hole, you can directly install the drill.

5: bed for the casting structure, can be multi-section lengthen, the user can choose or custom.

6: X-axis that is the carriage of German imports of reducer, gear, rack, to ensure that the movement of the stiffness and movement accuracy.

7: bed guide rails do not protect the pull plate to ensure that the rack, grating and electrical and electronic switch from outside pollution.

8: X-axis imported original grating, to ensure that the X-axis positioning accuracy.

9: Siemens 802D CNC system, AC servo and rare earth permanent magnet motor, high performance, high reliability, safe and durable.

10: ultra-thin liquid crystal display, anti-oil keyboard, the appearance of fine generous.