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Universal radial drilling machine and vertical drilling machine troubleshooting

Feb 14, 2017

Universal radial drilling machine and vertical drilling machine mainly includes the following aspects:

1) the first mechanical after the electrical, the first static after the dynamic principle. Before troubleshooting, you should first pay attention to the elimination of mechanical failure. And then in the running state, the dynamic observation, testing and testing, find fault. And power failure will occur after the devastating fault, you must first remove the danger before powering.

2) to find the cause of the failure, the idea to be open, whether it is integrated electrical appliances, or machinery, hydraulic, as long as possible causes of the failure, should be listed as fully as possible. And then carry out comprehensive judgments and optimization options to determine the most likely cause of failure;

3) full investigation of the phenomenon of failure, the first investigation of the operator, asked in detail about the whole process of failure, what phenomenon, what measures have been taken and so on. And then to do on-site meticulous investigation;