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The future development direction of CNC milling machine presents the field of compound cutting

Feb 14, 2017

In the rapid development of technology today, CNC milling machine as a high-end manufacturing in the field of high production level of products in the future development of CNC milling machine space will also be with the technical progress and manufacturing needs of CNC milling machine Showing a growing trend. In our industrial manufacturing, high-end aviation, aerospace, precision instrument manufacturing and other fields, the future of CNC milling machine in the production performance on the heart of the request. The development of technology is never stopped in human history, the same is in the CNC milling machine technology will be driven by the future demand for rapid development. The future of CNC milling machine technology in the heart of the composite processing technology is more extensive new complex processing machine tools such as milling and milling machine, machine tool, gear machining machine, milling and 5-axis combination of machine tools and other products will be in the CNC milling machine manufacturers R & D personnel efforts continue to emerge to the market; heavy machine tools to increase multi-functional accessories and turntable, composite processing trend is obvious; metal cutting and special processing complex with new progress, laser, electric processing and cutting composite technology Already have a mature product to promote the application. The application of composite processing technology will have a significant impact on multi-variety and small-batch production process.