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In the future CNC milling machine in the country will still have a good momentum of development

Feb 14, 2017

CNC milling machine in China's development benefited from China's economic development and strong support of national policies and the revitalization of upstream and downstream industries in the background, the current domestic demand for CNC milling industry will continue to maintain high growth, especially high-end CNC milling machine will welcome the future To the greater development of space, the next 3-5 years, China's CNC milling industry market growth rate will reach about 12%. Which will drive China's domestic CNC milling machine and its CNC system and related functional components of the market development, and no doubt for the domestic CNC system manufacturers continue to develop their own technology, expand the market provides an excellent opportunity.

Driven by demand, China's CNC milling machine production to maintain high growth, since 2009, high-end CNC milling machine and basic manufacturing equipment, science and technology major projects continue to invest, showing the government for the development of high-end CNC milling machine and basic manufacturing equipment determination. During the second five-year period, China will continue to invest, and efforts to increase the annual major projects will lead to more than 10 billion investment.