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CNC milling machine should focus on accelerating industrial structure and technological upgrading

Feb 14, 2017

With the economic in recent years in the domestic economy you quickly pick up the situation, CNC milling machine in the practical range of machinery manufacturing is also more extensive, the pace of economic development is also constantly promoting the needs of CNC milling industry, CNC milling machine as Machinery manufacturing precision production of important equipment, the status of the domestic manufacturing industry is more important, the market share of its share is also small can not be seen, on the one hand, the possession of CNC milling machine and the development of CNC milling machine in a certain The extent of the representative of the development of machinery manufacturing industry, it is a significant signal of economic progress.

At present, the total demand from the domestic CNC milling machine, the current domestic CNC milling machine in the industry needs growth rate down, for the rapid development of CNC milling machine today, in order to maintain the CNC milling machine in the domestic industry to continue Rapid growth in the CNC milling industry will face a severe test. The current development of CNC milling machine in China is the key to China's CNC milling machine in the market need to quickly build CNC milling, foreign markets on the need for CNC milling machine is relatively weak and China's CNC milling machine product competitiveness is generally not a big factor , There is some domestic product over-expansion of production capacity, resulting in the lack of some middle and low product orders, poor sales, inventory added, the relevant enterprises face many difficulties.