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CNC milling machine market sales data recovery

Feb 14, 2017

This year the CNC milling industry from the market feedback over the sales volume, as well as CNC milling machine manufacturing and use of the industry point of view, the industry's growth trend and the development momentum of the continuation of the status of last year's operation, the beginning of each year are CNC milling machine And even the production and sales season for each industry, but in the beginning of this year's market sales demand feedback over the data can be found in the production needs of CNC milling machine significantly lower than expected during the peak season. From the recent CNC milling machine to grasp the situation, the sales of CNC milling machine in May is still not optimistic, but the focus of CNC milling machine sales in April increased by 8%, indicating that infrastructure projects started to improve. In the context of steady growth in the country, it is estimated that this trend is likely to continue to continue, the next 1-2 months, the domestic market demand for CNC milling machine may be upward turning point.